LAPP Solar Cable

LAPP: This name stands for innovative connection solutions like no other. Thebrand stands for quality, customer service and a deep understanding of the industries and applications in which their products are used. LAPP is the world market leader, supplying everything from cable, connectors and accessories to fully integrated connection solutions. LAPP products are used in production machinery, industrial robots, public transport, food processing, alternative energy, charging systems for electric vehicles, oil drilling platforms and much more. They are the product of choice for mountain climbers and polar explorers. With a global workforce of 4,650 people, they generated 1,222 million euros of turnover in the past year.

LAPP Solar Cable 1

Solar Cable H1Z2Z2

LAPP Solar Cable 2

H1Z2Z2-K – Cross-linked solar cable according to EN 50618 for durable, weather-resistant use in photovoltaic systems. Replacing former ÖLFLEX® SOLAR XLR-R.

  • 1302300: LAPP Solar Cable H1Z2Z2 4mm² bk 500 m
  • 1302302: LAPP Solar Cable H1Z2Z2 4mm² rd 500 m
  • 1302301: LAPP Solar Cable H1Z2Z2 6mm² bk 500 m
  • 1302304: LAPP Solar Cable H1Z2Z2 6mm² rd 500 m
Fields of application
  • PV systems with DC system voltage up to max. 1800 V
  • For the cabling of solar modules and for connecting the module rows to the inverter
  • Flexible or building-integrated PV systems
  • Can be buried within buried protective pipes, ensuring that water/waterlogging water is drained away from thecable surface and, if a professionally constructed cable trench is used, for the protective pipe with at least 50 cm
  • backfilled soil (70 cm under roads) via warning tape via cover plate over at least 10 cm sand layer on the protective tube, which itself lies on a bed of sand at least 10 cm high
  • Long-term, permanent storage or permanent operation in or under water not permitte