The dimensioning software for pv systems

Tridesign 01

The specialized PV dimensioning software TRI-DESIGN allows you to optimally design not only a solar system for the individual roof but also the utilized modules and inverters and simultaneously select the best possible version of the PV mounting system.

Now new: including inverter design and yield calculation with direct Google measurements, optimized shading areas, graphically specified string planning, parts list with prices and much more.

Advantages at a glance

  • Complete PV systems design, including inverter design and yield calculation
  • Professional calculations, including audited structural analysis report, optimized shading areas, graphically specified string planning
  • Simple and intuitive operation, online with cloud functionality and Google measurements, parts list with prices, individually adjusted end customer offers

The all in 1 software

Software 1
  • selection of various roof types
  • wind and snow loads provided by weather map
  • definition of roof sub-contructions
Software 2
  • definition of wind load
  • definition of snow load
  • selection by weather map
Software 3
  • detailed static information
  • load on fixation points
  • load on rails
  • max loads in kN/m2
Software 4
  • individual module positioning
  • shading can be considered
  • easy editing of system layout
Software 5
  • integrated inverter management
  • great selection of inverter brands
  • no external inverter planner required
Software 6
  • integrated string management
  • no external program required
  • all saved in a detailed system report


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