TRITEC supplies PV Mounting System for new Tenax building

TRITEC supplies PV Mounting System for new Tenax building 2

Tenax BV is one of Europe’s largest screen printing companies and is located in Ommen, the Netherlands. One of the largest pitched roof PV systems in the Netherlands was built on the new company building, with 8320 Canadian Solar modules and a total output of 2.54MW.

The system was completed in less than 2 weeks, thanks to the innovative TRI-STAND inlay mounting system, which floats the modules and eliminates the need for time-consuming screwing with clamps.

The patented Safeclick solution allows easy click mounting of the horizontal rails, which is also tool-free. Installers speak of a time saving of up to 50% compared to various short rail systems.

The continuous module field is made possible by the floating mounting of the system, which means that no thermal separation of the module fields is necessary. In addition, damage to the roof and module through thermal expansion is avoided.

The system was realized by the experienced installation team of MORRENHOF – JANSEN INSTALLATIEBEDRIJVEN, which with 40 years of experience and 195 employees was the right choice as a partner for this major project. The distribution took place by our exclusive Dutch distributor Solartoday BV.

Ténax has been printing stickers and advertising posters since 1974 and has specialized in printing packaging materials since 1986. Within a short time ténax developed into a leading screen printing company that was always one step ahead of its competitors. The use of innovative machines and techniques is the key to success. Today the company is run by the second generation and a new, modern and sustainable production facility is under construction. A total of 143 trucks can be handled there.

TRITEC mounting systems combine more than 30 years of photovoltaic experience. The own products TRI-STAND and TRI-ROOF+ offer the ideal mounting solution for the most different roof types and alignments.

TRITEC supplies PV Mounting System for new Tenax building 1

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