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JinkoSolar – a global leader in the solar industry

The Chinese company JinkoSolar was founded in 2006 and distributes solar cells, solar panels and mounting systems. With 15,000 employees in seven production plants, 15 branches and 18 subsidiaries worldwide, the company is one of the market leaders in the solar industry. Subsidiaries are located in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Chile and South Africa. The company’s products are aimed at energy suppliers, corporate customers and end users in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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The complete JinkoSolar product range at a glance

  • Tiger Pro monofacial and bifacial solar panels with a maximum efficiency of 21.6% and an output of 535 W for 72 cells or 580 W for 78 cells
  • Tiger mono- and bifacial solar panels with an efficiency of 20.93% and 470 W output
  • N-type solar panels for on-roof systems and the utility industry with outputs of 475 W to 8.1 kW
  • Swan bifacial solar panels with an output of 405 W and an efficiency of 19.78%
  • Cheetah solar panels with an output of 410 W and an efficiency of 20.38%
  • Smart MX performance-optimized solar panels with an output of 390 W and an efficiency of 19.38%

JinkoSolar is fully committed to deliver high quality. Therefore, their quality assurance and testing procedure has a total of 52 stages. The production facilities are constantly monitored by video. If errors or deviations occur, an intelligent stop and warning device automatically takes measures. The ambitious goal for module production is a zero-error rate. To achieve this, JinkoSolar has opted for very tight tolerance limits and extremely strict acceptance criteria. For customers, this means high module efficiency combined with high investment security. In addition, customers benefit from the reliable system performance of the PV modules under various environmental conditions. Thanks to the high-quality materials, maintenance effort is small.


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Sustainability as an important factor at JinkoSolar

Sustainability over the entire life cycle of the modules is another important factor for JinkoSolar. The organization has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from module production by 61.7% between 2013 and 2017. During the same period, electricity consumption per MW produced fell by 32.35% and water consumption per MW by 42.53%. Waste water was also reduced by 46.93%. Further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and electricity and water consumption are planned.