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852 JA Solar




Rancagua, Chile

Within the framework of the Public Solar Roofs Program, TRITEC-Intervento was awarded a tender for the construction of a 280 kWp photovoltaic plant in the Hospital Regional Rancagua Building, this is the largest photovoltaic solar plant built within the program, which is already in operation. This photovoltaic solar plant has the particularity of being a self-consumption system, that is, without injecting energy into the grid. The photovoltaic plant will produce around 470 MWh of energy per year, in this way the hospital will cover a large part of its energy needs through clean and sustainable energy, generated in its own roof, reducing the consumption of the network and therefore, also reducing their CO2 emissions, avoiding the emission of 160 tons of CO2 per year. With the implementation of this solar project the most benefited is the Rancagua community, since the Hospital will be prepared for any electrical emergency.