Energy for a better future

For more than 30 years TRITEC has specialized in generating solar power through photovoltaic systems and is active worldwide in system wholesale as well as in the construction of large-scale plants. With over 1,500 qualified installation partners, the company realizes over 5,000 solar projects annually. The solar enthusiasts see themselves equally as partners for solar experts and consultants as well as for builders and investors.

Today, the company has locations in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Chile, Brazil, the United States and a sales partner in the Netherlands.

The TRITEC product range includes

Photovoltaic mounting and insertion systems from TRITEC

The focus of the products is on mounting systems for solar panels. Specifically, the company offers mounting systems for the following roof types:

  • Saddle roof
  • Hipped roof
  • Mansard roof
  • Pavilion roof
  • Tiled roof
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal roof
  • Standing seam sheet roof
  • Wave hernite roof
  • Flat roof with east-west orientation
  • Flat roof facing south

Photovoltaic on-roof and in-roof solutions

In addition to the TRI stand products for on-roof solutions, the company is known for its TRI-ROOF products for in-roof solutions. The TRI-ROOF mounting system is suitable for all common types of solar modules of most manufacturers. The mounting system with the solar modules used is designed to replace the roof of the building, including water drainage. The mounting system TRI-Stand is intended for the quick mounting of framed solar modules. The modules are inserted into the aluminum profile and held by their own weight.

The mounting systems for flat roofs are characterized by extremely short installation times and integrated insurance protection. The two systems can be mounted at a speed of up to 15 kWp per man hour. Every project using this mounting system automatically has a 10-year insurance.

TRI-DESIGN – the TRITEC photovoltaic software

With this PV design software, you can design the system optimally for the given roof and the solar modules and inverters you’re planning to use. You can also use it to determine the most suitable mounting system. The yield calculation is integrated as well as a graphical string planning. You can also use this software to create parts lists for the planned PV system.

Driving force for a clean energy future through sunlight

In addition to numerous projects with roof-mounted photovoltaic systems in various countries around the world, TRITEC has also participated in the construction of ground-mounted systems. Examples are the plants in Valle de la Luna in Chile, the Til Til Solar Park in Chile with a capacity of 3 MW and a project in Sweden with 3,600 solar panels.