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50 years of experience in outstanding electrotechnology

LG Electronics was founded in 1958 as GoldStar. In addition to South Korea’s first radio, television sets, the subsidiary of the LG Group produced large electrical household appliances. After a merger with the chemical group Lucky Chemical, the company was renamed Lucky-Goldstar in 1995. Today, LG is an internationally known brand that manufactures electronics, chemicals, and telecommunication products. Among other things, LG Electronics produces PV systems for end users and organizations alike.

At TRITEC you can order the following PV components from the AEG Industrial Solar product range: LG Solar Panels.

The PV product range includes

  • Solar modules: Mono- and bifacial modules with outputs in the range 335 Wp to 400 Wp
  • PV storage systems of different sizes
  • Complete solutions for private homes

The company stands out from its competitors with a longer warranty period of 25 years and several awards. In the TÜV Flash data test, the solar modules produced on average 1.5% more power than specified. In 2015, the company won the «Intersolar Award». In 2018, the solar modules were awarded the «Top Brand PV Seal» by the international market research and consulting company EuPD Research.


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Some of the most impressive projects by LG Solar

  • A photovoltaic roof system for a detached house in Hatten with an output of 9.92 kWp
  • A solar system as part of the balcony parapet with an output of 3.44 kWp in St. Blasien
  • A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 1,096 MWp on the stadium of FC Utrecht in Belgium
  • A solar plant with an output of 2.343 MWp on the roofs of the buildings of Rieser+Vetter AG in Switzerland