Photovoltaics (PV) Simulation Software

TRI-DESIGN is a software that helps you design, plan, and simulate your PV system. It comes with integrated inverter design capabilities, yield calculation, shading area optimization, and helps with string planning. All in one.

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Software 1

PV dimensioning and simulation software for planning your future PV system

There’s much to consider when planning a photovoltaic system. TRI-DESIGN is an all-in-one photovoltaic software that allows you to plan the design of a PV system independently. Including inverter design and yield calculation (Google area calculator), optimized shading areas, graphically defined string planning and options for choosing the ideal PV mounting system. With TRI-DESIGN you create the optimal PV system for the respective location and the given conditions easily and reliably in just a few steps.

The TRI-DESIGN software is aimed at PV planners, photovoltaic system installers and sales partners of TRITEC.

Software 2

TRI-DESIGN supports you in the planning of photovoltaic systems

  • PV system simulation
    incl. inverter design and yield calculation.

  • Professional calculations
    including statics report, optimized shading areas and graphically defined string planning.

  • Simple and intuitive
    online with cloud functionality and Google area calculator, parts lists with prices and customizable consumer offers.

  1. First you define the location and enter the roof parameters.
  2. Then you select the PV modules and mounting system.
  3. Now plan the module arrangement on the roof, taking into account any shading areas.
  4. Next, you design the inverters and estimate the optimal PV yield.
  5. Almost there: With a graphical representation of the string wiring, you lay the basis of the circuit diagram.
  6. You’re done! The software can create a project report for you.

Next level PV design and planning with TRI-DESIGN

Discover all the features of TRI-DESIGN during your free 30-day trial phase and familiarize yourself with the software. The PV planning software TRI-DESIGN by TRITEC facilitates and accelerates your PV system planning.

Choose roof type

Roof Planner
  • Variety of roof types
  • Wind and snow loads from weather charts
  • Definition of roof substructures

Loads definition

Snow Load
  • Definition of wind loads
  • Definition of snow loads
  • Selection by weather chart

Statical information

Static Info
  • Detailed statical information
  • Load on mounting points
  • Load on mounting rails
  • Maximum loads in kN/m2

Solar module layout

Planning Shading
  • Positioning of individual modules
  • Shadowing can be taken into account
  • Easy editing of the system layout

Solar module layout

Planning Shading
  • Positioning of individual modules
  • Shadowing can be taken into account
  • Easy editing of the system layout

Inverter planning

Inverter Management.
  • Integrated inverter management
  • Large selection of inverter brands
  • No external inverter planner required
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In our trainings you will learn step by step how to use the photovoltaic software TRI-DESIGN and get helpful tips for the individual functions.