Project Description

System type:


Mounting system:

TRI-STAND Inlay System

Roof Type:

Trapezoidal roof

Solar Panels:

1.450 Solar Modules


Expirion B.V.


Breezand, Netherland

1,450 solar panels on the roof of World Flower B.V.

World Flower B.V. is a flower bulb nursery located in Breezand. The company was founded in 1953 and is mainly engaged in the distribution and cultivation of all kinds of flower bulbs, in particular tulips and lilies. World Flower B.V. is a company that develops and supplies beautiful flower bulbs in various crops. The company pays attention to the environment, employees and customers.

EXPIRION B.V. has placed 1,450 solar panels on the roof of World Flower B.V. in Breezand. These panels are expected to deliver 350,000 kW / h per year. The project was carried out partly thanks to specialized installers. In addition, 500 solar panels are placed on the roof of the company World Breeding B.V in Breezand (where World Flower B.V. focuses on breeding, growing and placing new lily varieties on the market). The annual yield will be 150,000 kW / h.