Project Description

System type:


Solar Panels:

10.080 JA Solar




Lampa, Chile

TRITEC-Intervento has made the connection of its first Large-scale Solar Photovoltaic Plant. Its about Moon Valley Project, a Photovoltaic Solar System carried out under the Small Media program of Distributed Generation (PMGD), which considers an installed power of 3 MWp This photovoltaic generation plant, located in the commune of Lampa, will be able to inject approximately 7,000 MWh each year into the distribution network, this energy is enough to supply more than 5,000 medium-sized homes in Chile, according to data from the INE housing consumption. On the other hand, with this clean energy, 2,400 tons of CO2 are no longer being emitted, or what would be the same to say that it is the equivalent of planting 6,133 trees. It is a NON-invasive intervention and can be integrated within populations, hence the adjective of distributed. These types of plants can be replicated around cities, because they are distributed generation projects, which allow them to directly reach the consumption poles, and generate their own clean energy near homes and industries.