Project Description

System type:


Mounting system:

TRI-STAND Inlay System

Roof Type:

Trapezoidal roof

Solar Panels:

3800 SunPower


Beter Duurzaam B.V.


Emmeloord, Netherland

3.800 solar panels installed at Waterman Onions

After the SDE subsidy was awarded, Beter Duurzaam received the assignment to install the solar panels at Waterman Onions. The company is a well-known professional and has been a household name in the world of arable farming for many years. After several consultations, a system was chosen consisting of SolarEdge inverters and optimizers. In total, 3,800 SunPower P-series solar panels generate approximately 1.13MWh per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of more than 300 households. SolarEdge has the ability to optimize at panel level and provide insight into the performance of the solar panel. Better Sustainable placed the solar panels on different roofs.