Project Description

Solar Panels:

8.082 Longi Solar




Til Til, Chile

Project built and operated by TRITEC-Intervento, for the Alto de Til Til Electric Company, formed by Ecom Energía, and Minera San Pedro, consisting of a photovoltaic Solar Park built under the Small Distributed Generation Means (PMGD) program and under the modality Shared Facilities. The project is located in the commune of Til Til, inside the San Pedro Mine, it is a 3 MW photovoltaic solar generation plant with installed power, with a total investment of more than US $ 2.8 million and more than 8,000 monocrystalline modules installed. The great challenge of this project was the location of the installation. Located over 1000 meters high, inside the mining site, with difficult access, improvement of roads, displacement of existing transmission lines, meeting a high standard of mining operation. This project is very striking and credible to replicate, since it is a shared installation of self-consumption and injection to the network, the mining company consumes what it needs and when there is no consumption it injects it into the electricity network, approximately 60% will be consumed by the slaughter and the remaining 40% will be injected into the electrical system for commercialization. It is a non-invasive intervention, which allows you to directly reach the consumption poles and thus generate your own clean and economical energy. With this plant, 2,400 tons of CO2 are being emitted per year, and it has the capacity to produce the energy required to cover the needs of the entire commune of Til Til.