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13923 Hareon Solar


TRITEC AG (Schweiz)


Neuendorf, Switzerland

Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG

In less than five months of construction, TRITEC realized the largest solar power plant in Switzerland for company Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG. The power plant comprises four photovoltaic systems which are distributed over six buildings, and it has a total output of 5.21 MWp (megawatt peak). Altogether nine flat roofs are covered with 20,039 mono-crystalline 260-watt solar modules. The total module surface amounts to more than 32,000 m². Moreover, for module supports, the newly developed, particularly low-ballast and aerodynamic mounting system TRI-FLAT was used. For the first time, compact transformer stations were also installed directly on the roof for feeding solar power into the medium voltage grid. The generated energy is fed into the power grid of Elektra Neuendorf. Annually, the photovoltaic power plant will produce 4,845,430 kWh in clean solar power. This is equivalent to the average consumption of about 1,300 households. Thanks to the non-polluting energy generation of this solar power plant, a total of 2,422 tons of CO2 emissions can thus be avoided. For the turn-key project, TRITEC as general contractor was responsible for the project engineering – from design calculations via construction planning all the way to commissioning.