Project Description

System type:


Mounting system:

TRI-STAND Inlay System

Roof Type:

Trapezoidal roof

Solar Panels:

675 panels


Expirion B.V.


Hillegom, Netherlands

Meko-Hulsebosch is a growing company from Hillegom located on the Veenenburgerlaan. The company mainly sells flower bulbs and patio products. The specialty of the company is potted bulbs with added value. In addition, Meko-Hulsebosch sells exclusive themed products especially during holidays.

Flower grower and seller of related products Meko-Hulsebosch from Hillegom has installed a total of 675 solar panels on two different roofs. With the help of a crane from Kraanverhuur M. Verschoor B.V. from Sassenheim, the solar panels were hoisted onto the roof. The solar panels are placed on a steel roof that has an angle of 120 degrees. The expected yield of the installation of the solar panels is estimated at approximately 175,000 kW/h.