Trend Photovoltaic systems on large flat roofs

Highest possible yield thanks to the optimal mounting system

Large flat roofs on commercial and industrial buildings can be optimally utilised for productive gain of solar energy – as far as the characteristic features of the flat room construction are supported. For an especially efficient mounting of solar modules, TRITEC offers an optimal solution with the new mounting system, TRI-STAND Aero.

Due to its aerodynamically optimised shape, TRI-STAND Aero offers significant advantages regarding loads and costs. The new mounting system puts considerably less weight on roofs than conventional module supports. TRITEC’s Development Engineer Bernd Hertter explains: “Compared to the conventional flat roof supports, we need at least 50% less ballast for the installation of the TRI-STAND Aero.”

The centre-piece – the TS-F bracket

The back of the modules is clad with a metal sheet that both reduces the dynamic pressure and prevents wind pressure loads on the underside of the modules. The centre-piece is the newly developed TS-F bracket, by which the module is attached to the diagonal subprofiles and the vertical profiles providing support on the back. This bracket makes the diagonal profile superfluous – and thus saves material costs. Instead the module is screwed directly to the mounting holes. As an additional service, the angle elements are delivered pre-mounted.

Less shading, more output

Since the PV modules are supported at an angle of 20 degrees, the shading distance is reduced and the output/m2 increased. Installing the TRI-STAND Aero system keeps the roof covering intact. The system is designed for modules with a width of 790 – 810 mm and 990 – 1010 mm. The modules of these performance classes are state-of-the-art and all – with only small deviations – have the same outer dimensions. The required back metal sheets are tailored to these dimensions. Thus customers are spared expensive custom-made components and benefit from an efficient and cost-effective ready-made product.

Certified quality, successful installation

TRITEC guarantees certified quality and safety for the TRI-STAND Aero, as for all products. The new substructure passed the wind channel test of Wacker Engineers, as well as the mechanical load test of TÜV Rhineland. End of 2011, a PV system with approx. 420 kWp was realised production building of SchwörerHaus in Hohenstein-Oberstetten. The SchwörerHaus KG is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated homes in Europe. In 2011, the company was accepted in the group of climate protection companies for its special services to the protection of the environment, “especially due to the high portion of renewable energies used in production operations and the continuous adjustment of the products to energy efficiency,” adds press officer Carola Kochner.

Efficiency partner

“For the installation of the 1740 modules of the type KD245GH-2YB, we consciously counted on the TRITEC PV competence in order to have the best possible yield in the long-term,” says Dr. Stefan Wiebach of the responsible general company of KYOCERA Fineceramics GmbH. TRITEC is connected to the manufacturer of high-quality solar modules through a 20-year partnership. The installation company, Solar Ebner of Weissach, also a long-year project planner of TRITEC, sees the advantages of the new installation system especially in the time savings; “We are excited about TRISTAND Aero, the good handling of the materials allows an easy and fast installation.”

As efficient as it gets

With the smart design software, TRI-DESIGN, all installation systems can be planned and designed quickly and intuitively. Thus, increasing efficiency is child’s play – from the smallest to the largest solar system.

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TRITEC has been specializing in solar power generation through photovoltaics for over 34 years. We are active worldwide in PV wholesale as well as in large-scale plant construction. In addition to our proven PV mounting systems, we also offer our own intelligent system solutions for the planning, design and performance control of photovoltaic systems, as well as branded products from leading photovoltaic manufacturers.

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