The new TRI-STAND roof hook BASIC has arrived

The new TRI-STAND roof hook BASIC has arrived 1

Up to 140kg. The new roof hook BASIC, which will extend the TRITEC mounting system portfolio from September, carries this weight. The roof hook is made of specially hardened aluminium and is infinitely adjustable horizontally and is fixed in the final desired position by folding the guide rail. The mounting plate with its 2 x 6 drillings allows a maximum flexibility for the attachment to the roof substructure. Due to the diagonal hole on the bracket, the roof hook can be used for vertical as well as horizontal rail mounting and provides air for fine adjustment. Thus, insertion and clamping systems can be mounted equally. Your advantage: Due to its favourable price, the roof hook BASIC is very interesting for standard installations and is nevertheless well suited for high snow and wind loads due to its high load capacity.

Of course the new roof hook BASIC, like all other TRITEC components, can be designed quickly and intuitively with the proven PV software TRI-DESIGN.

Due to its optimal anatomy, the roof hook can be used in many different ways, e.g. also on roofs with plain tiles. It is also ideal in combination with sheet metal tile replacement, which means that the tile no longer needs to be processed.

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