Santon – superior switch solutions

The Santon company was founded in 1921 in Great Britain by Mr. Sandon and Mr. Fulton. The company name was formed from the first three letters of the Sandon name and the last three letters of the Fulton name. Originally, Santon manufactured electric kettles and found itself in the tricky situation of not having the switches they needed for them. So they decided to make their own switches. In 1950, a joint venture was formed with the Dutch company HoopGroenpool from Rotterdam. Eventually, production was stopped in Great Britain in the 70s and 80s due to challenging business years and was outsourced to Santon Holland.

The Santon product range

The company manufactures many different switches for PV systems. A special feature is the fire department safety switch. In the event of a fire, it interrupts the DC voltage so that the fire department can extinguish the flames safely. In addition to the switches, the company offers a maintenance and repair service.

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Awards of the company Santon

In 2019, Santon received the «Sungrow best supplier award». This award emphasizes the good cooperation between Santon and Sungrow. Santon has supplied the DC switches for Sungrow inverters since 2010.