SAJ – Guangzhou Sanjing Electric

SAJ is the abbreviation for Chinese company Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co, LTD. The company was founded in 2002 and is mainly active in the field of frequency conversion. For the solar industry it offers inverters for PV systems. At TRITEC you can order the SAJ Inverters.

The SAJ product range includes

  • Single-phase inverters
  • Three-phase inverters
  • Single-phase, grid-connected inverters
  • Three-phase, grid connected inverters
  • Storage Inverter
  • Ethernet Data Collection Modules
  • WiFi Data Collection Modules
  • GPRS Data Collection Modules
  • WiFi Module Monitoring Elements
  • 4G Module Monitoring Elements

SAJ’s social commitment

For example, the company has donated solar inverters for a PV system on the roof of a facility for disabled children in the Netherlands. In its home province in China, the company has donated numerous books for the «Science City Primary School».