KOSTAL Solar Electric

Founded more than 100 years ago as an automotive supplier for plugs and switches in the German town of Lüdenscheid, the Kostal Group has also been selling inverters and storage systems under the name Kostal Solar Electric since 2006. The enterprise is one of the market leaders for private and small commercial solar plants. The products are manufactured in Germany. In addition to the special quality in production, Kostal Solar Electric also makes sure that customers get the right installers. Therefore, the company’s website offers a search function that enables interested parties and customers to find installers near them. Only service providers who participate in regular training courses and who are very familiar with Kostal products and their installation are included in the list.

At TRITEC you can order the following PV components from the AEG Industrial Solar product range: KOSTAL Solar Inverters and KOSTAL Solar Storage Systems.

KOSTAL product range includes

  • Hybrid inverters: PLENTICORE plus and PIKO MP plus
  • Solar inverters: PLENTICORE plus, PIKO MP plus, PIKO IQ, PIKO 12-20 and PICO EPC
  • Battery inverters: PLENTICORE BI and PIKO MP plus
  • Monitoring software: KOSTAL Solar App and KOSTAL Solar Portal
  • Accessories: for example, KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

These products are suitable for both new installations of PV systems and retrofitting. They are also often used for the renovation or expansion of existing systems.

KOSTAL’s social commitment

On the organization’s 10th anniversary in 2016, it donated € 25,000 for a solar village in Uganda. The village is now supplied with electricity from a solar plant and the people enjoy electric light and charged cell phones to ensure connection to the outside world.

Awards and prizes at KOSTAL

  • In 2018 the PLENTICORE plus inverter was the test winner in a test conducted by the magazine «Photovoltaik».
  • The excellent ranking was confirmed in the same year by the scientific study «Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2018» (Electricity Storage Inspection 2018) conducted at HTW (University of Applied Sciences) Berlin.
  • In 2019, the company won the «Red Dot Award» in the «Brands & Communications Design» category with its KOSTAL Solar App.

KOSTAL at YouTube

In addition to the organization’s own website, the company also operates a YouTube channel with numerous video tutorials on many of their products. There they provide information about products and their installation. In addition, customers can find some short, interesting interviews with installers, technical editors and company employees. For those who prefer written information, product information can be downloaded as PDF files from the company’s website. Prospects, customers, but also future employees and installers can educate themselves at any time with their medium of choice.


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