Delta Solar Solution Business

Delta’s maxim is: «We deliver innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions.» Photovoltaics is only one – albeit important – part of all activities of the Delta Group. Their solar business unit is named «Delta Solar Solution Business». It was created in 1999 with the launch of the company’s first solar inverter program. At that time, Delta created a stir on the market with a 260 W inverter. Since then the product range has expanded considerably. The headquarters of the solar branch is located in Teningen, Germany. The central logistics hub is in the Netherlands and the service center is located in Slovakia, together with one of the production plants. A competent service team is available to customers from there during weekdays. Sales offices have been opened in all major European countries, in South Africa, and in Dubai. This ensures that the company is always close to its customers.

At TRITEC you can order the following PV components from the Delta Solar Solution product range: DELTA Solar Inverters

Delta attaches great importance to environmentally friendly business practices. For this reason, Delta not only develops highly efficient products for photovoltaics, but also strives to save energy in production and in daily business operations. The goal is to keep their CO2 footprint as small as possible. The PV systems at the headquarters in Teningen, the logistics center in the Netherlands and the plant in Slovakia are therefore a matter of course for Delta.

The DELTA product range at a glance

  • Single-phase inverters with output powers from 2.5 kVA to 5 kVA
  • Three-phase inverters with output powers between 6 kVA and 140 kVA
  • The monitoring system “My DeltaSolar Cloud Monitoring System”
  • The PV Planner software tool
  • Delta Service Software for setting up inverters
  • The inverters are compatible with the Solarlog Monitoring System of the company Solare Datensysteme as well as with the Web’ log Monitoring System by company Meteocontrol

A Iinverters efficiencies of up to 99.2%

The company’s inverters achieve efficiencies of up to 99.2% over a wide operating temperature range. Delta Solar Solution Business also provides support, replacement, repair, and spare parts for the inverters. In addition, the company organizes seminars on customer premises by request.


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For whom does Delta Solar Solution Business offer their products?

Since 2002, Delta has been supplying inverters and solutions for PV systems on single and multi-family houses. The company offers three-phase inverters in numerous variants between 6 kVA and 140 kVA for commercial enterprises. They are suitable both for roof systems and for PV systems on open spaces. For large commercial and agricultural plants, Delta supplies dust-proof encapsulated inverters with outputs from 50 kVA to 140 kVA. These durable inverters are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.