TRI-DESIGN E-DESIGNER Training – Webinar

TRI-DESIGN E-DESIGNER Training - Webinar 1

In this webinar you’ll learn how to use the photovoltaic software TRI-DESIGN step by step.

  • Learn more about our add-on E-Design which allows to do inverter & string layouts directly for your designed PV-project.
  • Implement smart consumption profiles and get intelligent graphs to show your clients in an easy way, where its self produced power will be lead.
  • Self-consumption? Feed into the grid? Load a battery? After this training you are able to answer these questions.



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TRITEC has been specializing in solar power generation through photovoltaics for over 34 years. We are active worldwide in PV wholesale as well as in large-scale plant construction. In addition to our proven PV mounting systems, we also offer our own intelligent system solutions for the planning, design and performance control of photovoltaic systems, as well as branded products from leading photovoltaic manufacturers.

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