Project Description

System type:


Mounting system:

TRI-STAND Inlay System

Roof Type:

Trapezoidal roof

Solar Panels:

7400 Jinko Tiger 360W



Hoorn, Netherland

For the customer Bergermeer BV from Hoorn, the central market (600 kWp) and the Fustmarkt (2 MW) in Zwaagdijk-Oost was supplied with a nice PV system.

– 7400 pcs. Jinko Tiger 360 Wp
– 19 pcs. Huawei Fusion Solar 100 KTL AFCI
– 1 pc. Huawei Fusion Solar 36 KTL AFC
– TRITEC Inlay System

E.e.a. supplied by SolarToday Kootwijkerbroek

In addition to the PV system, the client renovated the entire site; asbestos removed, new sandwich panels, new facades. Ready for the future!