TRI-ROOF+ for PV roof integration

TRI-ROOF+ offers unlimited freedom when choosing modules: The mounting system is suited for all framed module types of all module manufacturers in the TRITEC range. The simple insertion system was designed to be used independent of the module manufacturer. Thus, framed standard modules can be integrated into the roof. The mounting system is supplied as a complete set. This includes as standard also the edge connection plates, in addition to the profiles and insertion rails. The plates can be adjusted to the respective module size and thus offer the greatest flexibility possible.

The roof integration system TRI-ROOF+ replaces the existing roofing completely. The bulk of the rain water is discharged from the PV modules. The remaining water is collected and drained off in the specifically developed water-bearing carrier profiles, so that the impermeability of the roof is ensured. All TRI-ROOF+ components are optimally designed for wind and snow loads and are resistant to even extreme weather conditions.

The insertion profile TS of the TRI-STAND mounting system allows the easy, quick and thus efficient installation of all popular framed solar modules. After the insertion of the modules into the aluminium profile, the modules are held in place by their own weight and friction. The photovoltaic modules do not need to be screwed in.

SafeClicks connect the universal profiles of the TRI-STAND mounting system securely and easily with its insertion profiles. The practical design of the SafeClick allows easy installation by simply clicking in the insertion profiles. Drilling is not necessary.

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