TRITEC PMT EVO 2.0 East-West

The intelligent revolutionization of the entire construction results in previously unattained performance in safety and quality. The EVO 2.0 still counts on an extremely short time of assembly, highest safety standards and an unbeatable quality combined with a 10-years insurance cover. And finally, all that at a significant price cut.

East-West Flat Roof Mounting System 1
  • Time of assembly
    up to 15 kWp per worker/hour
East-West Flat Roof Mounting System 2
  • Insurance cover
    10-years protection cover included for every project
East-West Flat Roof Mounting System 3
  • Optimization of ballast
    Reduction of ballast up to 50% in comparison to the EVOlution


Ballast optimized

  • Improved aerodynamics and system stabilitys
  • Verification through WTG wind tunnel certificate
  • Optional: ballast trough, ridge bracket, side cover, ballast fixing

Click technology

  • Non-interchangeable click connectors
  • Measuring-free and reversible assembly
  • One tool sufficient for system assembly
  • No caterpillar effect up to 5° roof inclination

Module assembly guidelines

  • Compliance with modular clamping ranges
  • Module drainage kept free
  • Optional: low-resistance module earthing

Ideal cable routing

  • 3-fold edge-clips holder
  • Separate laying DC+/-
  • Seperation distances +150 mm possible
  • Integrated cable duct cover
  • Optional: Routes connection

Maximum safety

  • WTG interface layer wind tunnel test
  • NTA of the total system: Z-14.4-790
  • Certification according to UL2703 applied
  • Lightning current carrying capability according to DIN EN 62561-1
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA) applied
  • Optional: Lightning protector

PV-module suitability

  • Suitable for all 60 and 72 cell modules
  • Module lengths 1570 – 2005 mm
  • Module widths 960 – 1050 mm

Integrated Fall protection

  • Circumferential safety rope system
  • Certified according to DIN EN 795:2012
    and CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Safety rope system secures up to 3 persons of 100 kg each

Universal module clamp

  • Universal clamp from 30 to 50 mm module height
  • Removable and reusable

Optimum contact surface

  • Continuous floor rail of 115 mm in width
  • Integrated high-tech protective mat
  • Roof drainage guaranteed
  • No plasticiser migration
  • Optional: variable maintenance corridor

Extensive accessoires

  • Inverted convertor bank
  • Different roof connections
  • Integration lightning protection
  • Beam transmitter connection
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