TRITEC is now offering a program upgrade for its installation systems

With the TRI-STAND east/west base structure, PV systems in the east/west layout can now be installed at an angle of 10 or 20 degrees. This installation version, which is comprised of only a few components, is especially straightforward and quick to assemble, and convinces with its high quality components and visuals. It goes without saying that the new installation system, just like all other TRITEC installation systems, can also be quickly and intuitively configured with the TRI-DESIGN PV software.

With its new installation system, TRITEC is offering an optimum solution to the high levels of demand for PV systems in an east/west alignment. The key advantage of a solar power system with an east/west alignment is its consistent production of energy over the course of the day without the peak output rates over the middle of the day typical of south facing systems. In this way, when combined with storage systems such as TRI-CELL in particular, the user is able to substantially increase their use of the self-generated power.