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Fábrica de alfombras Sirma

Gaziantep, Turquía

Tipo de instalación Sobre el tejado, Redes
Potencia 200 kWp
Paneles solares 800 x Turksolar 250W Poly
Inversores 10 x SMA STP 17000TL-10
Sistemas de montaje TRI-VENT
Producción de energía 360'000 kWh/año 
Puesta en servicio 09/2013
Proveedor TRITEC Group
Proyectista TRITEC Project Engineering AG, United Solar
Instalador TRITEC Project Engineering AG, United Solar
Propietario Sirma

Fábrica de alfombras Sirma

The weaving machines of the carpet factory Sirma in southern Gaziantep are running around the clock every day. When one takes into account the high irradiation rates of 1,800 kWh/m² and about 300 sunny days per year, it's rather close at hand that the company produces at least part of its required energy with an own solar system.

With the 200 kWp system installed by TRITEC, the company can now produce 360,000 kWh of clean solar energy. Feed-in into the public grid was waived – and with it the state compensation for feeding electricity into the grid. The energy can be used 100% by the company itself. At the current electricity prices on location, ROI (return on investment) will anyway be realized after seven years.

The system is distributed over four trapezoidal sheet metal roofs, and it was possible to complete it in record time – in only four days – using the tried and tested TRI-VENT mounting system by TRITEC.