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Mounting system TRI-VENT: Simple and efficient

January 2010, news on products

TRITEC presents the new mounting system TRI-VENT for trapezoidal sheet roofs. The mounting system TRI-VENT was specifically developed for the special requirements of trapezoidal sheet roofs. The system combines great flexibility, good mounting features and great safety into a professional solution.

Cost-efficient alternative: Low personnel and material expenditure

The good mounting features of TRI-VENT allow for speedy work and thus reduce the personnel expenditure significantly: Two people using this system can install up to 200 modules per day. The TRI-VENT support profiles are extraordinarily short with a length of only 15 – 40 cm; this saves material and makes transport to and onto the roof substantially easier. But above all, the short profiles only expand very little with temperature fluctuations, and this way they prevent stress damage to the roof cladding.

Easy 5-step installation

Thanks to the flexible use of the TRI-VENT components, the system can be mounted on almost any trapezoidal sheet roof. It only takes five steps.

  1. 1. Measuring: The support profiles have different lengths and pre-drilled holes at intervals of 90 to 350 mm, thus allowing installation on almost any roof type.
  2. 2. Drilling: Using a specifically developed drilling gauge, the holes are pre-drilled. The drilling gauge ensures precise and swift work.
  3. 3. Riveting: The short support profiles are riveted to the roof together with the rubber seals. No cumbersome screwing required.
  4. 4. Inserting: TRI-VENT allows for both vertical and horizontal installation of the solar modules.
  5. 5. Securing: The module armatures are inserted, and the modules are secured at the end of each row using a special bending tool.

The TRI-VENT module armatures are available in two models and compatible with a frame thickness of 35, 40, 46 or 50 mm.

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