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TRITEC Product News Intersolar 2011

June 2011, Press Release

New mounting system especially for large flat roofs: TRI-STAND Aero

On occasion of the Intersolar, TRITEC presents an advancement of the proven mounting system TRI-STAND. The new mounting system TRI-STAND Aero – optimised in terms of loads and costs – is especially suited to large flat roofs.

Smaller loads, lower costs

Due to its aerodynamically optimised shape, TRI-STAND Aero offers significant advantages regarding loads and costs. The new mounting system puts considerably less weight on roofs than conventional module supports. TRITEC’s Development Engineer Bernd Hertter explains: “Compared to the conventional flat roof supports, we need at least 50% less ballast for the installation of the TRI-STAND Aero.”

The centre-piece – the TS-F bracket

The back of the modules is clad with a metal sheet that both reduces the dynamic pressure and prevents wind pressure loads on the underside of the modules.

The centre-piece is the newly developed TS-F bracket, by which the module is attached to the diagonal subprofiles and the vertical profiles providing support on the back. This bracket makes the diagonal profile superfluous – and thus saves material costs. Instead the module is screwed directly to the mounting holes.

Less shading, more output

Since the PV modules are supported at an angle of 20 degrees, the shading distance is reduced and the output/m2 increased. Installing the TRI-STAND Aero system keeps the roof covering intact. The system is designed for modules with a width of 790 - 810 mm and 990 - 1010 mm. The modules of these performance classes are state-of-the-art and all – with only small deviations – have the same outer dimensions. The required back metal sheets are tailored to these dimensions. Thus customers are spared expensive custom-made components and benefit from an efficient and cost-effective ready-made product.

Picture 4: Centre-piece – the newly developed TS-F bracket


Mobile characteristics analyser TRI-KA with new software tools

On the occasion of the Intersolar, TRITEC presents new software for the handy characteristics analyser TRI-KA for performance testing of installed solar modules – the system configurator and detailed protocol creation (Report Creator) allow the quick and efficient testing and maintenance of large PV systems in particular.

Easier maintenance

Using the new system configurator, the structure of large PV systems with several inverters and strings and the most varied configurations can be displayed quickly and easily. The system structure can be prepared conveniently at the office, saved to SD card and transferred to the TRI-KA. The service engineer in the field can then quickly and easily test the system without making additional entries into the characteristics analyser. This noticeably facilitates the maintenance and servicing of large PV systems. TRITEC Product Manager Measurement Technology Ralph Schultz explains: “Using the new system configurator, the structure of an open-space system with 800 strings can be recorded and saved in less than 5 minutes.”

Easier monitoring

Due to the Report Creator, it is significantly easier to create detailed protocols of large systems. At the push of a button the measuring report in PDF format is created for each individual string. These documents can naturally be printed and given to the customer, for example.

Picture 2: The handy characteristics analyser TRI-KA
Picture 3: Quick and efficient testing of large PV systems


New - design software TRI-DESIGN now also available for inverters

On the occasion of the Intersolar, TRITEC presents an updated version of TRI-DESIGN, the design software for photovoltaic installers. By means of TRI-DESIGN inverters can now also be configured directly within the programme. This allows the comprehensive planning and design of PV systems, from the mounting system and inverters to the string plan.

Unique tool

At the Intersolar 2011 the Beta version of the new TRI-DESIGN software will be presented. It will now also allow the design of inverters and the planning of module strings. Due to this, TRI-DESIGN will become THE tool for solar installers and designers.

The inverter design is (for now) restricted to the TRITEC range. The software is continuously updated: Also planned are the integration of economic efficiency calculations and additional tools.

Picture 1: comprehensive planning and design of PV systems


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