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Swiss investors solar platform positions itself anew

June 2011, Press Release

SUNinvest now not only finances, installs and operates selected photovoltaic systems in Switzerland, but also in other EU countries with high-yield photovoltaic growth.

SUNinvest selects interesting photovoltaic systems; investors receive profitable investment opportunities in the future technology Photovoltaics. Technical excellence, attractive returns, a comprehensive guarantee and security portfolio are the basic principles for assessing and selecting the SUNinvest projects. Currently especially interesting: PV projects in Italy, a country with high feed-in tariffs and high solar irradiation levels.

SUNinvest is the Swiss finance and investment company of the TRITEC Group

SUNinvest finances, installs and operates selected photovoltaic systems directly or via operational subsidiaries in Switzerland and neighbouring EU countries. For this, SUNinvest can rely on more than 20 years of experience of the TRITEC Group. All systems meet the quality standards of the TRITEC Group and contribute significantly to sustainable energy generation and CO2 reduction.

In the foreseeable future, the solar industry will be able to grow even without government subsidies, even if it will have to compete with market-standard energy prices. The Swiss bank Sarasin forecasts a strong growth for the future market Photovoltaics, with a newly installed annual output of 35 % on average. SUNinvest promotes the generation of solar energy in Europe by providing project planning, installation, operation and sales of photovoltaic systems.

SUNinvest AG
Herrenweg 60
CH-4123 Allschwil / Basel
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