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TRITEC sponsors the European Solar Days in Germany, France and Switzerland

The idea was born in 2002 in Austria and is by now being implemented in Germany, Switzerland, France and 12 other European countries. The initiative has the most varied platforms and attracts important players from the solar thermal and solar energy industries from across Europe every May. As an active sponsor, TRITEC supports the campaign management in Germany, France and Switzerland as well as all TRITEC partners and installers. We give our expert installation partners every advice and practical help possible.

“Woche der Sonne”, Germany

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Since 2007, Germany has extended this event to a whole week, and the campaign "Woche der Sonne (Solar Days) 01 to 09 May" by now comprises 3.075 different events in all federal states of Germany. Be they craftspeople, local authorities, solar initiatives, agenda groups, energy consultants, architects, banks, schools or business developers – everybody can take part who wants to provide information about solar energy. Be it a solar advice day, solar festival, solar cycling tour or an open day – anything’s possible!

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"Journées Européennes du Solaire", France

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In France, this campaign to raise awareness is taking place for the third time during the week from 03 to 10 May, under the heading "Journées Européennes du Solaire". The individual départements will host a total of 1.453 different events. For this event already a blog exists on the Internet, as well as active interest groups on Facebook and Twitter

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Tage der Sonne, Switzerland

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Switzerland too is dedicating a whole week to the sun. From 07 to 14 May, around 160 events of the "Solar Days" will take place across all cantons. Dedicated organisers, associations and Energiestädte (energy cities) will invite visitors to exhibitions, talks and "Open House" events. In projects, private individuals, kindergartens and schools will work on the subjects solar heat, solar power, solar construction and other renewable energies.

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European Solar Days

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