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Discontinuation of the TRI-KA I support for repairs and replacement parts

Dear Customers,

The sale of the model TRI-KA I was ended in the middle of 2010 and replaced by the successor model TRI-KA II. Certain replacement parts such as displays, complete exchangeable printed circuit boards for TRI-KA and TRI-SEN, reference cells as well as TRI-SEN membrane keyboards are now no longer available. As a consequence of this, we are immediately reducing the support given for repairs and replacement parts in the case of TRI-KA I. This means that larger repairs on TRI-KA and TRI-SEN are unfortunately no longer possible.

Repairs of defective fuses and the inspection of electronics including new calibrations of the device without a report are however not affected, as long as no further damage to the printed circuit board exists. These repairs will continue to be carried out for a charge.

With the new characteristic curve measuring device TRI-KA II and the new TRI-KA PC software, the TRI-KA I measured data can continue to be managed as long as the TRI-SEN I is equipped with a display.

We will of course continue to assist you should you have questions regarding TRI-KA I. Should you decide to upgrade to a TRI-KA successor model, we will also provide you with training in how to use it.

You will find further information on the advantages and possibilities which the TRI-KA offers at

Sincerely yours, TRITEC

Discontinuation of the TRI-KA I support for repairs and replacement parts