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New, Extremely Efficient Mounting System: TRI-FLAT

Extremely light-weight, stackable, transport-optimized and, in particular, mountable in record time with just a few simple steps and minimum tools – those are the major advantages of TRITEC's new PV mounting system for flat roofs. The system is available as of September as TRI-FLAT South for a south support, and as TRI-FLAT East-West in an east/west variant.

Flexible application

TRI-FLAT South and TRI-FLAT East-West consist of high-quality aluminium and A2 stainless steel components. The ballast- and transport-optimized flat roof mounting system can be set up at a angle of 10° or 15° towards the south or in east/west direction. It is suitable for mounting PV systems without roofing penetration on membrane roofs, on concrete and gravel roofs, as well as on substrate and green roofs with a maximum roof inclination of 5°.

Time-saving installation

With its simple click system using pre-drilled components and no-tool installation, the mounting system can be set up efficiently and in record time especially for large roof areas. Framed modules may be simply clicked in transversely. Moreover, the system simplifies logistics and handling at the construction site. The few and short-length components (< 1.20 m) fit on Euro pallets and are stackable. That has a noticeable effect on cost optimization as well.

Proven in practice on a large-scale 5.2 MW project

TRI-FLAT South has already been successfully used on a large-scale project: A 5.2 MW solar power plant has been realized this year on the roofs of the distribution centre of Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG. Thanks to the flat, low-ballast substructure, it had been possible to install 60 percent more capacity with TRI-FLAT than originally planned because their roofs had already been used to capacity in terms of structural analysis and statics engineering. The system's aerodynamic design passed its endurance test when a storm supercell with over 100 km/h wind speeds passed over the up to 25 m high roofs – the solar system weathered the incident without any problem and remained intact.


New, Extremely Efficient Mounting System: TRI-FLAT