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TRITEC received Swiss Solar Award

The jury was convinced by the high aesthetics and economic efficiency of the harmonic integration into the shed roof structure of a sports centre in Visp in the canton of Wallis.

The leading Swiss solar company TRITEC won this year's Swiss Solar Award. The photovoltaic system on the roof of a sports centre in Visp, canton of Wallis, convinced the jury.

The objective of the Visp sports centre was to harmonically integrate the photovoltaic system not only into the existing structure of the village but also into the building shell. Moreover, the sports centre functionality had to comply with all the requirements and needs of the school.

TRITEC decided on a completely roof-integrated and thus highly aesthetic photovoltaic system. Concerning the photovoltaic modules of the 145 kW photovoltaic system, the particularly high-performance and powerful Japanese KYOCERA photovoltaic modules were selected.

"We made a conscious decision for solar modules from Kyocera since, due to the special location of the object, we must guarantee the maximum possible energy efficiency and durability of the modules", explains Adrian Wyssbrod, head of the project at TRITEC AG Switzerland in Aarberg. According to the manufacturer's information, these modules have a particularly high energy efficiency and mechanical strength of 5,400 Newton per square metre.

The photovoltaic system's annual production is about 140,000 kWh. It thus covers 45% of the total energy demand of the sports centre in Visp. The remainder of the required energy is added in. Via a district heating system, waste heat and steam from the Lonza works supply the required energy.

Every year, persons and institutions dedicated to solar energy will be given the Swiss Solar Award. Under the auspices of the Swiss Federal Energy Agency, the award will be for buildings designed in an innovative and optimal way in terms of energy consumption, and also for the best installations in the area of renewable energies.


TRITEC received Swiss Solar Award