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First partial systems of the largest Swiss solar power plant on the public power grid

The leading Swiss solar energy company TRITEC realized the first stage of the largest solar power plant in Switzerland (5.2 MW) for Migros. The first three of four photovoltaic systems were commissioned end of May.

The generated energy is supplied to the power grid of Elektra Neuendorf. End of July 2013 when the complete solar power plant is connected to the grid, it will produce 4,836,000 kWh of clean solar power annually. This is equivalent to the average consumption of approx. 1,100 households.

The first front rows of solar modules on the edge of the roof are already visible from the autobahn A1. What you cannot see: On the huge roof areas of the distribution centre of Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG, about 30 qualified solar fitters are installing thousands of additional solar modules which will convert sunshine at the southern foot of the Jura mountains into sustainable energy in coming decades.

The solar power plant with a total output of 5.2 MWp comprises several individual photovoltaic systems which are distributed over six buildings. Altogether nine flat roofs are to be covered with 20,039 mono-crystalline 260-watt modules of the brands Hareon Solar and JA Solar. The total module surface amounts to more than 32,000 m2. Inverters to be used will be over 60 string inverters and 12 central inverters of SolarMax from the Swiss manufacturer Sputnik Engineering AG.

As the general contractor, TRITEC is responsible for the complete project engineering: from design calculation to logistics, construction planning and coordination all the way to commissioning.

Especially the choice of sub-structure required special know-how and specific calculations to meet the characteristics of statics and stress analysis of large flat roofs.

For a neutral-weight roof load, the green roof (substrate) had to be suctioned off and replaced by gravel. For module supports, a particularly low-ballast mounting system was used. It had been developed in collaboration with the Swiss specialist Montavent and perfectly adapted to the technical requirements. With an optimized 10-degree inclination, the mounting system is oriented slightly south east.

Thanks to the non-polluting energy generation of this solar power plant, a total of 2,853 tons of CO2 emissions can be prevented.


First partial systems of the largest Swiss solar power plant on the public power grid.