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Kostal Piko BA (pdf, 194 kB)


Kostal Piko BA – The energy storage system for numerous applications
Energy for home consumption, for storage or for grid feed-in – very simple with the intelligent Piko BA system.
Kostal Piko BA – The energy storage system for numerous applications
Home consumption is recorded by analogue current measurement of the Piko BA sensor.


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Kostal Piko BA – The energy storage system for numerous applications

Intelligent and powerful
The Kostal Piko BA energy storage system combines the best inverter technology with an intelligent energy management and a high-quality as well as powerful battery system. Optimum coordination of all components and their high quality bring about a system which achieves best efficiencies and ensures many years of efficient utilization.
Innovative inverter technology
With a module power between 4 and 11ákWp, the Piko BA provides charge regulator and inverter in one housing. Controlled by an intelligent energy management system, the Piko BA achieves a maximum efficiency of 96.5á%. While feed-in is effected on a demand-oriented basis, the integrated CAN interface enables the connection to the battery management system of the external storage – thus the system is optimally equipped for novel storage technologies. The overall Piko BA package is rounded off by the integrated communications and monitoring package, as well as the two independent MPP trackers.
Energy storage at a high level
The Piko battery is the optimum energy storage for the direct consumption of photovoltaic energy. High energy yield, long life, small space requirement, as well as a modular design for simple installation – all that results in a complete storage solution from one source. Moreover, operating costs are saved thanks to the system's maintenance-free battery technology. Optimum storage and management of the generated energy is ensured together with the integrated battery management system.
Advantages in brief
  • High-quality individual components, optimally adjusted to each other
  • Three-phase storage system
  • High efficiency due to the energy management of the Piko BA inverter and charge regulator
  • Energy storage with an integrated battery management system for high energy yields
  • Home consumption recording with the Piko BA sensor
Art. No. 1700001
Model Kostal Piko BA
Scope of applications Grid-connected
AC nominal power 10000 W
Number of phases 3
Output voltage Sine wave
Line voltage 230 V (184 ‑ 264.5 V)
Frequency 50 Hz
AC rated current 14.5 A
Short circuit current (peak) 20 A
Harmonic distortion (output voltage) < 3 %
Power factor at nominal power 0.9 ‑ 1 ‑ 0.9
Recommended PV system power 4 ‑ 11 kWp
DC inputs 2
Independent MPP trackers 2
DC input voltage PV 180 ‑ 950 V
MPP voltage range (one-tracker operation / two-tracker operation) 180 ‑ 850 V / 440 ‑ 850 V
Max. DC input current PV 12 A
DC input voltage batteries 228 V (211 ‑ 314 V)
Max. battery charging current 12 A
Max. battery discharge current 12 A
Max. efficiency 96.5 %
Capable of emergency power Yes
Operating temperature -20 to +60 ░C
Protection mode IP55
Electronic isolation unit Integrated
Data communication RS­485, 2 x Ether­net, S0, 4 x analogue inputs, CAN interface
Connection (input / output) MC4 / spring-loaded terminal strip
Dimensions (W / H / D) 520 mm / 450 mm / 230 mm
Weight 33 kg
Warranty * 5 years
Norms Protection class I according to IEC 62103, overvoltage category II according to IEC 60664-1 input side, overvoltage category III according to IEC 60664-1 output side

Art. No. 1700004 1700002
Model Kostal Piko Battery Kostal Piko BA Sensor
Scope of applications Grid-connected Grid-connected
Battery type Hoppecke 12 V OPzV blocsolar.power 70 -
Battery technology Maintenance-free, cycle-optimized lead-gel battery -
Number of cycles (50 % DoD) 2500 -
Storage capacity of batteries (C10) 11.6 kWh -
Max. output power 2.7 kW (approx.) -
Number of batteries 19 pc. (each 12 V nominal voltage) -
Rated voltage 228 V -
Battery capacity (C100) 70 Ah -
Ventilation Inlet and outlet air vent with 154 cm▓ cross-sectional area -
Operating temperature +10 to +30 ░C -
Protection mode IP21 -
Weight 850 kg (approx.) -
Rated current primary - 50 A
Rated current secondary - 1 A
Burden - 1 VA
Accuracy class - 1
Max. line diameter - 13.5 mm
Dimensions (W / H / D) 900 mm / 1584 mm / 388 mm 105 mm / 90 mm / 54 mm
Norms IEC 60896-21, IEC 61427 EN 60715

* ‑ Can optionally be extended to 10 / 20 years

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