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Kaco Powador-gridsave eco (pdf, 281 kB)


Kaco Powador-gridsave eco – The intelligent energy storage manager
The Kaco Powador-gridsave eco provides the optimum solution for around-the-clock supply with environmentally friendly and safe solar power.
Kaco Powador-gridsave eco – The intelligent energy storage manager
The intelligent energy storage manager allows efficient regulation of feed-in performance and communication with the inverter.


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Kaco Powador-gridsave eco – The intelligent energy storage manager

Modular and flexible
As an intelligent energy storage management system, the Kaco Powador-gridsave eco is modular and flexible and can be used both for existing and new installations. Thanks to its efficient control technology, it mediates between inverter, solar system, battery and public power grid and thus enables the optimum efficiency of the entire system. It thus realizes the highest possible own consumption of own generated energy.
Emergency power supply
In case of interruption or failure of the public grid, the Powador-gridsave eco presents the basis for a reliable emergency power supply. Virtually uninterrupted, it switches from the operating condition of its own consumption optimisation to emergency power operation and thus allows the use of energy stored in the connected batteries.
Home energy management
The Kaco Powador-gridsave eco provides the optimum solution in the area of home energy management. In one unit, it combines an energy management system for regulating the feed-in performance and for communicating with the inverter, the load management, the bi-directional inverters with a battery loading management and monitoring, as well as the mains isolation facility for separating the system from the public power grid. The monitoring software included in the scope of supply provides convenient and simple access to the system and all parameters.
Advantages in brief
  • Modular and flexible application due to variable battery capacity
  • Optimum supplement for existing solar systems by AC coupling
  • Very high peak performances
  • Convenient visualization via PC access
  • Grid monitoring with changeover to emergency power mode operation in case of grid failure
Art. No. 1700005
Model Kaco Powador-gridsave eco package ‑ 9.6 kWh
Scope of applications Grid-connected
Recommended max. output of the AC-coupled inverter 10 kW
AC nominal power 5 kW
AC peak output (< 30 s) 12 kW
AC rated voltage 230 V
AC rated current 22 A
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Number of phases 1
Harmonic distortion < 3 %
Capable of emergency power Yes
Max. current grid switchover 32 A
Changeover time grid switchover < 30 ms
DC battery voltage (nominal) 48 V
DC input voltage PV 40 ‑ 68 V
DC rated current (25 ░C) 104 A
Battery Hoppecke 12 V 3OPzV bloc 200
Number of batteries 4 pc.
Storage capacity of batteries (C100) 9.6 kWh
Max. efficiency 96 %
Protection mode IP43
Display LED
Data communication RS­485, RS­232, Ether­net via external interface converter, USB
Included in delivery Powador-gridsave eco ‑ INT, 4 x 12áV 3OPzV bloc solar.power (total capacity 200áAh), battery rack, connection set battery safety unit and installation set with external 3-phase measuring point, Powador protect, 2áexternal coupling relays, power switch and RCD
Compatible inverters * Kaco Powador series 00 and 02
Dimensions (W / H / D) 375 mm / 690 mm / 220 mm
Weight 40 kg
Warranty 2 years
Norms IEC 62040-1-1:2002, EN 61000-6-3:2007, VDE-AR-N 4105 when using Powador protect

* ‑ Not included in the scope of supply; for compatibility, update is possibly required