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REC Poly (pdf, 125 kB)


REC Peak Energy series – Polycrystalline modules with maximum power
REC maximum performance modules combine sustainable quality and reliable power output.
REC Peak Energy series – Polycrystalline modules with maximum power
A fruit farm in Germany with a photovoltaics system from REC.


Installation Manual (pdf, 2913 kB)
EC Declaration of Conformity (pdf, 40 kB)
UL Declaration of Conformity (pdf, 240 kB)
T▄V Certificate IEC 61215 (pdf, 106 kB)
T▄V Certificate IEC 61730 (pdf, 109 kB)
Certificate Factory Inspection Singapore (pdf, 240 kB)
MCS Certificate (pdf, 103 kB)
Salt Mist Corrosion Test (pdf, 710 kB)
Ammonia Certificate (pdf, 704 kB)
PID effect (pdf, 206 kB)
Confirmation PV Cycle (pdf, 814 kB)
Warranty Conditions (pdf, 29 kB)


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REC Peak Energy series – Polycrystalline modules with maximum power

Reliability and sustainability
The Norwegian REC Group with production facilities in the U.S. and in Singapore is worldwide one of the largest manufacturers of silicon materials, PV wafers, solar cells and modules. The enterprise is also committed to sustainability in production where highest environmental standards apply. Thanks to new processes, silicon production requires up to 90á% less energy than conventional methods.
Outstanding stability and energy yield
The modules are easy to install and without earthing wire. Despite their low weight, the modules have a rugged and durable design which guarantees maximum durability for decades even under the most adverse weather conditions. A special treatment of the glass increases energy generation even at low solar irradiation.
Top quality
  • Cutting-edge production facilities with maximum quality requirements
  • Completely vertical production chain from raw silicon all the way to the module
  • Outstanding low-light performance
  • Robust and sustainable product design
  • No PID effect
Certificates and warranties
  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62716, IEC 61701, CE, MCS, PV CYCLE, BBA
  • 25-year linear performance warranty
  • 10-year product warranty
Art. No. 0101495
Model REC 260 PE Poly
Scope of applications Grid-connected Stand-alone
Nominal power 260 W +5 W, ‑0 W
Max. system voltage 1000 V
Operating voltage 30.7 V
Operating current 8.50 A
Open circuit voltage 37.8 V
Short circuit current 9.01 A
Temp. coefficient open circuit voltage -0.27 %/░C
Temp. coefficient short circuit current 0.024 %/░C
Temp. coefficient nominal power -0.40 %/░C
Reverse current load 25 A
Operating module temperature -40 to +80 ░C
Cells per module 60 pc.
Cell dimensions (L / W) 156 mm / 156 mm
Cell type Polycrystalline silicon
Connection Cables 4 mm▓ with MC4 connectors
Mounting frame Anodized aluminium
Back sheet White
Dimensions (L / W / H) 1665 mm ▒2.5 mm / 991 mm ▒2.5 mm / 38 mm ▒1 mm
Weight 18 kg
Number per container / truck 600 pc.
Max. load 5400 N/m▓
Performance warranty * 25 years
Product warranty 10 years
Norms IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62716, IEC 61701, CE mark, MCS, PV CYCLE, BBA

* ‑ Manufacturer's performance warranty: 25 years linear performance warranty – guarantees at least 97 % of the actual power output for the 1st year and then a maximum output reduction of 0.7 % per year

The electrical specifications are under standard test conditions (STC) of irradiance of 1000 W/m▓, spectrum of 1.5 air mass and cell temperature of 25░C.

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