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Q.Cells Poly (pdf, 189 kB)


Hanwha Q.Cells – High-quality polycrystalline third generation modules
Use of the Q.Antum world record cell concept guarantees high efficiencies.
Hanwha Q.Cells – High-quality polycrystalline third generation modules
Q.Cells'ámodules meet maximum requirements in the mechanical load test.


Installation Manual (pdf, 2417 kB)
MCS Certificate (pdf, 683 kB)
Salt Mist Corrosion Test (pdf, 564 kB)
NH3 Corrosion Test (pdf, 94 kB)
PID effect (pdf, 1974 kB)
Declaration Poly: Made in EU (French) (pdf, 615 kB)
Confirmation PV Cycle (German) (pdf, 680 kB)
Warranty Conditions (pdf, 78 kB)


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Hanwha Q.Cells – High-quality polycrystalline third generation modules

Leading in research and development
Within a few years, Hanwha Q.Cells has developed from a solar cell manufacturer to a worldwide leading photovoltaic systems enterprise. The quality modules from German and Malaysian production are based on the results of intensive research and development. Since its foundation, Hanwha Q.Cells has developed product standards which are valid until today – for example, the 6-inch solar cell or the full-square monocrystalline solar cell. The company has the largest technology centre of the solar industry which also comprises an accredited test laboratory and a module test centre.
The third module generation – yet higher standards
In terms of performance, technology, design and tests, maximum demands are made on the Q.Pro-G3 series. The polycrystalline solar modules are based on the novel Q.Antum cell concept which guarantees high performance classes. The electrical rear structure reflects light rays which passed unused through the cell. Otherwise lost light energy can thus be converted into current. Additionally, the slim module concept provides cost benefits since 40á% more modules per container can be loaded.
Powerful and resilient
  • A 35 mm frame with aluminium alloy for low weight and a high load capacity of up to 5400áPa
  • Module glass with anti-reflection technology reduces undesirable reflections by about 50á%
  • Salt water and ammonia resistant junction box and plug connector with low contact resistance
  • Increased flexibility thanks to an MC4-combinable plug
Certificates and warranties
  • Since 2011, continuous and successful participation in the VDE's Quality Tested Program
  • No PID effect
  • IEC 61215 (ed. 2), IEC 61730 (ed. 1), PV CYCLE, CE
  • Successful salt mist corrosion test
  • Product warranty for 12 years, and a 25-year linear performance warranty
Art. No. 0101508
Model Q.Pro-G3 250 Poly
Scope of applications Grid-connected Stand-alone
Nominal power 250 W +5 W, ‑0 W
Max. system voltage 1000 V
Operating voltage 29.89 V
Operating current 8.45 A
Open circuit voltage 37.78 V
Short circuit current 8.94 A
Temp. coefficient open circuit voltage -0.33 %/░C
Temp. coefficient short circuit current 0.04 %/░C
Temp. coefficient nominal power -0.43 %/░C
Reverse current load 20 A
Operating module temperature -40 to +85 ░C
Cells per module 60 pc.
Cell dimensions (L / W) 156 mm / 156 mm
Cell type Polycrystalline silicon
Connection Cables 4 mm▓ with Tyco PV4 connectors
Mounting frame Anodized aluminium
Back sheet White
Dimensions (L / W / H) 1670 mm / 1000 mm / 35 mm
Weight 19 kg
Number per container / truck 754 pc.
Max. load 5400 N/m▓
Performance warranty * 25 years
Product warranty 12 years
Norms CE, VDE Quality Tested, IEC 61215 (ed. 2), IEC 61730 (ed. 1)

* ‑ Manufacturer's performance warranty: 25 years linear performance warranty – guarantees at least 97 % of the nominal power for the 1st year and then a maximum output reduction of 0.6 % per year (25th year: 83 % of the nominal power)

The electrical specifications are under standard test conditions (STC) of irradiance of 1000 W/m▓, spectrum of 1.5 air mass and cell temperature of 25░C.