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On our support website, we will answer all your questions on the subject of PV measuring technology. In our FAQ, we have compiled interesting facts and useful information about the application of the TRITEC characteristics measuring instrument TRI-KA. In addition, you may also ask us questions. The TRITEC product management is looking forward to your e-mail!


TRI-KA is a portable measuring device which can be used to simply and efficiently measure current/voltage curves of module strings and individual photovoltaic modules. You will find more information about TRI-KA as well as the current version of the TRI-KA software at

TRITEC-own heat sensors Spektron and Pt1000 measure the strength of irradiation or the module temperature, respectively. This will improve the measuring results of data loggers and inverters.

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Frequently asked questions

What can the TRI-KA measuring instrument measure?

On the DC side of the PV system, TRI-KA measures the open circuit voltage (UOC), the short circuit current (ISC) and the complete current-voltage characteristic.

How precise are TRI-KA measurements?

Meaningful measurements depend on several factors: Irradiation conditions must be constant. The sensor must have the same orientation & inclination as the string (module) to be measured. The module temperature must be measured at different points distributed in the string. Modules should not be excessively soiled. The TRI-KA device has a precision of +/- 5% of the calculated STC performance.

From which irradiation level can characteristic measurements be carried out for an STC evaluation of the modules?

According to the standard EN61829, characteristic measurements for an STC evaluation may only be carried out starting at a total irradiance of 700 W/m². For an electrical review (no STC evaluation! ) of the characteristic – e.g. curve of the characteristic, etc. –, irradiation starting at approx. 500 W/m² is already sufficient.

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