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Solarpark Klettgau

Erzingen, Germany

Fact Sheet
System type Freiland, Grid-Connected
Power 2134 kWp
Solar Modules 8712 x Suntech STP245S-20/Wd Mono
Inverters 66 x Sunways PT 33k
Mounting Systems MP-TEC
Energy yield  2'277'525 kWh/year
CO2-savings 2018 tons/year
Commissioning 12/2011
Distributor TRITEC Group
Planner TRITEC Project Engineering AG
Installer TRITEC Project Engineering AG
Operator Gemeinde Klettgau

Solarpark Klettgau

"With an output of 2.134 MWp, the solar park supplies the Klettgau municipality with over two million kilowatt hours of clean solar power per year.

After some 8 weeks of construction – at times in the most adverse weather conditions – the “Klettgau Solar Park” will is connected to the grid as scheduled on 23 December. The PV system is set up on three fields with a total area of 5.5 hectares on the former Erzingen gravel quarry in the municipality of Klettgau.

As the general contractor, TRITEC is responsible for the planning, design and implementation of the system. Key system components include 8712 STP 245s type solar modules from Suntech along with 66 PT 33 inverters from Sunways.

Investing in an efficient, high-output photovoltaic system means the municipality of Klettgau will cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1,200 tons a year while supplying power to some 750 households."