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Mounting Systems – Components (pdf, 2560 kB)


The German version is binding. The content is subject to change without prior notice.

Photovoltaic Mounting Systems – Components

We utilize exclusively components of high-quality aluminium and V2A stainless steel so that our photovoltaic mounting systems will meet highest quality standards.

In our detailed data sheets for every mounting system, you will find more information about the components to be used for the appropriate sub-structures.

We have independent third parties confirm the quality of our products by means of extensive tests with brand modules. We thus provide you with a warranty of reliable products for long lasting PV systems.


Mechanical stress test by TÜV

By means of the TÜV test, the mounting systems are certified within the scope of a mechanical stress test according to the international standard IEC 61215.

The test is performed in the following stages: First, a flash test determines the nominal output of the module, and the material characteristics are examined by means of an electroluminescence camera.

For the stress test, a module is fastened to the mounting system in accordance with the Instructions. Then, the module is loaded with 2400 Pa, which is equivalent to 245 kg/m2. Wind pressure or wind suction are thus simulated.

In another test run, the pressure is increased to 5400 Pa (550 kg/m2), which is equivalent to the burden due to snow pressure.

After the individual stress tests, the module is re-inspected each time – the TÜV test is only considered passed if, after the burdens, no damages to the module are detected and its performance is not impaired.

TRI-STAND, TRI-STAND Aero, TRI-ROOF and TRI-VENT have been awarded certification by TÜV Rhineland.

Wind tunnel test

Wind tunnel tests are performed for mounting systems which can be installed without roof penetrations on the flat roof.

For this, the PV system is set up as a miniature model. Based on that model, it is tested how the mounting system performs under extreme wind loads and with the ballasting specified by the manufacturer.

TRI-STAND Aero, TRITEC PMT South and TRITEC PMT East-West were successfully tested in the wind tunnel.


It’s a matter of course for us that PV mounting systems must withstand the most adverse weather conditions over a number of years. We therefore grant you a 5-year guarantee for all components of the TRITEC mounting systems.

If you participate in one of our numerous product trainings, the guarantee will be extended to a total of 10 years.

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Mounting Systems – Components

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