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TRI-KA – The mobile characteristics analyser: Now even more efficient

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TRITEC TRI-KA (pdf, 118 kB)


TRI-KA – The mobile characteristics analyser: Now even more efficient
The TRI-KA characteristics analyser and the TRI-SEN irradiation and temperature sensor are easy to operate and provide reliable measurements.
TRI-KA – The mobile characteristics analyser: Now even more efficient
With the evaluation software the individual strings are evaluated and combined to individual installations. Measurement reports from single strings, single modules and from the entire systems can be printed.

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TRI-KA – The mobile characteristics analyser: Now even more efficient

Mobile portable measuring instrument
The new TRI-KA not only identifies the current voltage curves of module strings, but also of individual photovoltaic modules. The I-U characteristic curve, output, short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage are recorded by a 16 bit processor. During each measurement the TRI-KA adjusts the measuring range and sample rate optimally. The device is easily and intuitively operated using the menus on the colour touch screen. The characteristic curve measured by the TRI-KA can be converted to a STC characteristic curve based on the values measured by the sensor TRI-SEN and displayed. In addition, the STC ideal characteristic curve of the manufacturer can be displayed, due to the integrated module data base.
Wireless sensor
Without contact, the wireless sensor TRI-SEN measures the cell temperature, the angle of inclination and the irradiation at the solar module level. The measured values are wirelessly transferred directly to the main instrument, the TRI-KA. The reference cell for the measuring of the irradiation can be either a monocrystalline or a polycrystalline cell.
Evaluation software
The evaluation software was also completely overhauled. The TRI-KA software can evaluate, manage and store the measured module data on the PC. With a few steps of the guided Wizard, the measured data is saved to the respective customer or system directory. Further measurements of the same system can then be added, sorted by date, and compared with the software.
Advantages in brief
  • Mobile portable measuring instrument
  • Wireless sensor
  • Simple menu navigation on colour touch screen
  • Large measuring range: 1.0 – 1000 V and 0.1 – 15.0 A
  • Creation of system and maintenance protocols
  • Output comparison for several years
  • Simple identification of errors and faults of PV systems and PV modules
Art. No. 0802201
Model TRI-KA complete set
Scope of applications Monitoring
Included in delivery 1 TRI-KA, 1 TRI-SEN, 1 rugged case with rubber foam padding, TRI-KA measurement cable sets (MC3, MC4, Huber+Suhner, Tyco, SunClix and without connectors), 1 TRI-SEN mounting, 1 SD card (PC user software with user guide), 1 USB SD/SDHC card reader, 2 power supply units (chargeable), operating instructions

Art. No.    
Scope of applications Monitoring Monitoring
Measuring I/U characteristic curve, short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, MPP current, MPP voltage Global irradiation, module temperature, angle of inclination
Calculated values STC values (short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, MPP current, MPP voltage), fill factor, MPP output, ideal characteristic curve of module manufacturer -
Voltage measuring range 1.0 ‑ 1000 V (< ▒1 %) (Uoc > 5 V) -
Current measuring range 0.1 ‑ 15.0 A (< ▒1 %) -
Temperature measuring range - 0 ‑ 100 ░C (▒3 % in relation to a black body)
Irradiation measuring range - 100 ‑ 1200 W/m▓ (▒5 %)
Measuring connection Measuring cable Non-contact measurement
Characteristic curve measuring duration 15 ‑ 30 seconds -
Save slots for measured curves Depending on size of SD memory card (> 1000 measured curves with 1 GB) -
Reference cells - 1 x monocrystalline cell, 1 x polycrystalline cell
Display 3.2 inch colour LCD touch screen (240 x 320 pixels, RGB) B/W LC display (2-line, 16 characters)
Power supply Lithium polymer accumulator, run-time app. 8 hours Lithium polymer accumulator, run-time app. 8 hours
Auto power-off Adjustable (1 ‑ 15 minutes) -
Interface 2 measuring cables to PV string, wireless connection to TRI-SEN, SD/SDHC memory card for PC Wireless connection to TRI-KA
Ambient temperature 0 to +50 ░C 0 to +60 ░C
Protection mode IP20 IP20
Insulation Protection class II -
Measuring category CAT II 1000 V, CAT III 600 V -
Dimensions (L / W / H) 210 mm / 105 mm / 41 mm 160 mm / 82 mm / 41 mm
Weight 500 g 200 g
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Norms EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-030, EN 61010-031, CE mark EN 61010-1, CE mark

Spare parts
Art. No. Model Belongs to Art. No.
0801101 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set for MC3 0802201
0801102 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set for MC4 0802201
0801103 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set for Huber+Suhner 0802201
0801104 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set for Tyco 0802201
0801110 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set without connector 0802201
0802202 TRI-SEN mounting 0802201
0802203 TRI-KA measurement cable replacement set for SunClix 0802201
0802205 TRI-KA SD/SDHC card reader 0802201
0802206 TRI-KA SD/SDHC memory card 0802201
0802208 TRI-KA rugged case, empty 0802201
0802209 TRI-KA chargeable power supply unit 0802201

For measurements of (certain) thin-layer modules and special module technologies, please consult TRITEC.System requirements user software: Microsoft« Windows XP / Vista / 7; Pentium processor with a minimum of 600áMHz or similar; minimum of 256áMB memory or more; VGA graphics card with at least 16ábit colour depth (High Color) and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels; free hard disc memory of at least 500áMB; keyboard; mouse; USB interface